About us

About us

Tianjin Century Changsheng Trade Co., Ltd

Tianjin Century Changsheng Trade Co., Ltd is a building materials company integrating production and sales. Our company was established in 2001, located in Tianjin, with convenient transportation. After years of development, the company has aluminum alloy material technology design and development, and aluminum alloy processing equipment a building material company integrating R&D, aluminum alloy product production, processing and sales.

Tianjin Century Changsheng Trade Co., Ltd located in the largest open coastal city in northern China, it is known as “the key to the river and the sea” and the “gateway to Jifu”. It has a vast inner hinterland, radiates 13 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in Northeast, North China, and Northwest China, and faces Northeast Asia to the outside, with superior geographical conditions.

Development Concept

Tianjin Century Changsheng Trade Co., Ltd Determined the development concept of "relying on quality and product-oriented", the main products are aluminum coil, aluminum plate, pattern aluminum, aluminum veneer, aluminum profile, aluminum products, and the rising power is striving to process in the aluminum industry. Occupy a place in the sales field. Products, craftsmanship, timely delivery, and price are the best advantages in the aluminum industry.

Factory Showing

In terms of quality, the 6S management system is implemented, and the product qualification rate is high. Choose large suppliers, purchase key raw materials, and control quality from the source. Layer quality inspections on the production line strictly control the production process; product performance begins with layered quality supervision. The various specifications of pipes, profiles, aluminum rods, plates, forgings, large die-cast shells, ingots and other aluminum alloy materials produced by our company can reach rail transit, aerospace, petroleum exploration, chemical, 3C electronic products, and automobiles. Manufacturing, heavy machinery, optical instruments, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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